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US Open

Men's Singles fastest serve speed leaders
RankPlayerCountryMatchesFastest serve speed
1J.IsnerUSA3144 mph
2M.RaonicCAN4143 mph
3A.RoddickUSA4141 mph
3S.QuerreyUSA3141 mph
5A.DolgopolovUKR3139 mph
6E.GulbisLAT2138 mph
6A.MurrayGBR7138 mph
8J.TsongaFRA2137 mph
8T.BerdychCZE6137 mph
10J.ChardyFRA3136 mph
10S.WawrinkaSUI4136 mph
10J.LevineUSA1136 mph
10D.BrandsGER2136 mph
10L.MayerARG3136 mph
10F.LopezESP3136 mph
16J.SockUSA3135 mph
16N.AlmagroESP4135 mph
16D.NovikovUSA2135 mph
16F.VerdascoESP3135 mph
16K.AndersonRSA1135 mph
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